Full Multiple User System and Communication Tool

Full Multiple User System and Communication Tool

  • Multiple users can access the calendar system at the same time
  • Automatic email notifications to all relevant users at every stage
  • Unique traffic light booking system
  • Notes and holidays for clients and/or clerks can be added to every date
  • Easily assign bookings to your individual clerks

The Calendar Manager system has been designed to allow multiple user access wherever and whenever they need. We know that you and your clerks are busy and can be in different locations at any one time. The system can automatically send notifications to relevant users at every stage of the process.

The Calendar Manager software allows you to assign bookings to your clerks easily and enables you to add notes and holidays for your clients/clerks to view across the calendar.

We have incorporated a multiple bespoke auto pricing function within the system to make life easier.

Calendar Manager has a unique traffic light booking system, so your clients can see how busy you are, whether it be fully booked (red), nearly full (orange) or available (green).

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